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Have Questions?

Who wouldn’t! Below are a few questions we get asked frequently. If your question isn’t on this list, feel free to reach out to us! We’re always happy to help.

Does the training come with a guarantee?

There are many different variables that go into your dog’s training and one of the biggest factors is OWNER COMMITMENT. While it may seem silly, it is very true. We can’t “guarantee” you will keep up with your dogs training. While we completely understand that you are investing in your dog, there is no moral way to give you 100% money back guarantee for our services, BUT to show you we value your investment and your time and continued maintenance on training with your pup, we offer our Guarantee of Lifetime Trainer Support and for our clients that purchase even just one Individual Lesson, we offer unlimited Trainer Phone Support for the issues we have worked on. Making the decision to work with a client isn’t just a working relationship, we become a family. Where I come from, family takes care of family to ensure success and results and that’s just how we do things around here!

What can I expect when I send my dog off for his/her Learn N’ Stay?

Rest easy knowing your dog will be living in the home with the trainer that you met at your evaluation. We only take in a limited number of pups to ensure that they get the training and attention they need and deserve! We utilize every single minute for training, whether it be out on the town or simply laying in the living room, we are always practicing the commands and teaching your pup how to be his/her best self no matter where they are.

Do I get to see my dog during the 2 or 3 weeks he/she is completing their Learn N’ Stay?

NO. While we would LOVE for you to watch your baby’s progress, we LOVE even more when the dog is given the very best opportunity to succeed. With this being said, “PAWrents” showing up to see their dog during the Learn N’ Stay not only confuses the dog, it causes all of our hard work to regress. Think of it like dropping your child off at daycare. While you would love to keep them home with you and soak up every second of their cuteness, you know that the best thing for them is for them to be in school to learn the necessary things they need for life.

What training method(s) are used at Abby’s Furry Friends?

At Abby’s Furry Friends, we believe in balanced training, which is just using a balanced approach and modifying behaviors using the four quadrants of dog training.   We believe in FAIR training.  This means finding the best tool for your dog, finding their communication and play style and layering that into daily life.  We teach you how to communicate with your dog. We believe in consistency and accountability, without having to be forceful in techniques.  Here, the dogs are able to choose to make the desired decision, and when practiced, you will develop an amazing and well-mannered, HAPPY pup with great outcomes!

What tools are going to be used on my dog?

We don’t believe in a “one tool fixes all” mindset. We work with each dog as an individual. We use a variety of tools including but not limited to: clickers, treats, Sidekick Leash, Herm-Sprenger Prong Collars, Mini Educator E-collars, and more!

Do you offer any type of financing options?

We offer financing through PayPal credit. Once approved, they offer “No Interest if paid in full in 6 months on purchases of $99 or more.” To apply for your PayPal credit, you can click here.

If credit isn’t your best option, CALL us. There are some situations where we can try to figure out financing for you in house. Bear in mind this may not be an option, but we are always willing to see how we can best help. As previously mentioned, once we decide to take you on as a client, you are family, and family helps family.

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