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long haired dachshund laying sideways looking cute with paws up
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“I cannot say enough wonderful things about Abby. Our pup, Teddy was SO relaxed and content when he returned to us – which is such a welcome change from his normal ‘return-from-boarding’ moodiness (and fatigue)! Abby was able to work with our schedule for pick up and drop off and provided daily pics and updates during Teddy’s stay. Such a great service and Abby is clearly so talented with pups!! There is no question about her commitment and care of the animals in her charge. Teddy looks forward to his next visit!!”

Rachel Beyer

2 golden retrievers sitting patiently at backdoor of house
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Abby is an amazing dog sitter! She loved our two Goldens as her own and sent several pics throughout their stay! We’ll definitely use her again!

Whitney Campbell

2 mix breed dogs looking at camera for picture while standing on trainers leg that is covered with blanket while sitting on the floor
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“The best dog sitter we have used by far!! Our pets came back as if they never left. Abby kept me updated via social media ( e-mail, message and video) everyday on how my pets were doing. She took the time to get to know my pets before even watching them, which gave me reassurance that they would be well taken care of. I highly recommend Abby to all my friends, wish my family lived closer or I would recommend her to them as well. My pets love her and she loves them too, it shows❤️

Gaydene Etzkin

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My pup did the three week training and let me tell you how AMAZINGLY different he is! He was always very high energy, very in your face, did whatever he wanted, and pulled on his leash. Now he’s able to control his impulses, our walks are a breeze, and general living is unmatched. Thank you so much, Abby! Our family is forever changed for the better and it’s nice to have a tranquil balance between my favorite pup and my life!

Alyssa Quinn

german shepherd dog laying posing for picture with red, black and blue harness leash
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I just recently had my 4 1/2 year old GSD trained by Abby’s Furry Friends. My GSD had some training when she was under a year old, but life circumstances and other factors necessitated a thorough refresher and some additional training. The factors I sought to improve or resolve were general command obedience, anxiety around strangers and other animals, and socialization. I boarded my GSD for 4 weeks with Abby, and the results are great. She exhibits much less anxiety, if any, around strangers and animals. She follows commands much more efficiently and her demeanor has improved all-around. In addition, Abby was very communicative about progress, sharing videos and information about what was going on. I’d highly recommend Abby’s Furry Friends for anyone looking for introductory or more advanced training. Her rates are competitive and I felt very comfortable leaving my fury baby in her caring environment.

Adam Menszer

little white pup laying on top of piled up pillows
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Abby took wonderful care of Muffie while we were away for a long weekend. We received pictures of Muffie twice a day, which we really appreciated. She always looked right at home! We appreciate you, Abby! Muffie will surely be back!

Melissa Maynard

pixelated image of large black dog with 2 puppies
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“If you want someone who falls in love with your 4 footed family, the answer is ABBY. She was Fantastic with our dogs and especially Lulu, who is very skittish around strangers. Abby took her time and Lulu was able to trust her and go to her. I feel very comfortable leaving the furries with Abby and don’t have to worry about their care.”

Celeste Skinner

white golden retriever dog sitting on concrete with tongue out on purple leash next to trainers leg
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“Abby has provided my over the top love junkie of a golden retriever with the best possible care anyone could ask for. My dog, Penny, is just shy of 2 years old and her energy is a force to be reckoned with. Every time Abby has provided a service for us, I’ve been pleasantly shocked to realize that not only were her needs properly attended to, but she actually started behaving better for me too! Penny is a definite handful, but Abby has never had a problem with her and has risen to the occasion every time. Because of Abby, I have peace of mind that when I can’t be there for my baby, she will be taken care of with exactly the same love and respect as she would get with me. I would recommend Abby to anyone who is a pet lover who wants a quality service from a reliable individual.”

Kate Jones

black lab with purple leash sitting with mouth open and tongue out looking into camera
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Abby has been such a blessing for Holly, my 6 month old lab mix pup! I found Abby’s Furry Friends on a Facebook ad and it was all of her reviews that drew me to request some information on the board and train. Holly used to be near impossible to walk on a leash and jumped all over visitors, both dogs and people. She was easily distracted being that she is a puppy, but this sometimes got her into trouble. After 3 weeks with Abby, my girl is so polite and overall became more relaxed. She is now progressing so well and none of that would have been possible without Abby. What’s most important is that she lost NONE of her personality. If anything, she is even more confident in herself. Abby even taught me a whole lot of good things about being a dog owner. I can’t recommend Abby’s Furry Friends enough, mostly because of Abby’s relationship with her trainees. There was never a moment where I wondered if Holly was happy or a moment where I was concerned with her well being. Abby kept us informed and sent me pics/videos/updates all along the way. She has been a pleasure to work with. I really lucked out finding her, and I hope that you’ll reach out to her for your dog training needs.

Michael Gervais

shitzu pup with christmas party hat on head
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Abby’s Furry Friends was truly amazing.  Abby was always sending us daily updates and pictures of how my babies were doing.  I highly recommend her and Abby’s Furry Friends to anyone looking to board their pets.  Thank you so much Abby for taking GREAT care of both Molly and Montana.

Lucy Arbella

Abby wearing AFF shirt with red ball cap, black back pack, training white dog making him sit on side of road at her side
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Abby is absolutely incredible. I randomly found her website scrolling through Facebook one day and I am SO glad that I did. Abby is not only friendly and professional, but she is also AMAZING at what she does. The work she did with my dog has drastically improved our household. Our dog that was once bouncing off the walls and impossible to enjoy is now a relaxed part of our family. I feel like I just got a dog for the first time. The change in him has been amazing. The work that Abby put into his training is evident. If you have a dog GO SEE ABBY!

McKenzie Esta

2 german shepard dogs laying on floor
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“I am that crazy dog mom and I worry and stress and panic over my pups accordingly. I trust no one with my two German Shepherds EXCEPT for Abby. My dogs love her and I love that she sends regular updates. I don’t worry that my pups are sitting in crates all day or are out in the weather (hot or cold) all day. I am confident that when Abby boards our dogs, they are being cared for as if they were her own. I also love not having to worry about the dogs’ medicine being administered correctly. Abby has our total trust and confidence, and it’s a cherry on top that her pricing is so fair. Highly, highly recommend.”

Alyssa Longmire

2 weenie dogs in their dog beds posing in front of barn style cabinets
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Abby’s furry friends is the best there is when it comes to training your dogs! No matter how big or small, she can get them trained. Abby helped us with our 2 dogs and we can’t thank her enough!!!

Paige Held

golden retriever laying on blanket on couch with green tennis ball right next to him
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I messaged Abby about boarding my Golden Retriever, Lilly, with her while I left for a vacation. She was very quick to respond, clear about the services she offered, and reasonably priced! Scheduling a time for puppy pick up and drop off was flexible and easy. Abby sent pictures, videos, and updates of Lilly playing fetch in the yard and cuddled up on the couch each day. I am so happy we chose to board with her and will definitely be reaching out again for all my future boarding needs. I highly recommend her to any fellow dog lovers! Thank you again for taking great care of my fur baby, Abby! You’re the best!

Alexandra Levi

black lab with mouth open and tongue hanging out laying on back on floor
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I was on the hunt for some quality training for my dog, and Abby was recommended by a mutual friend, and I am glad she was. Since day one she has kept it real, and worked with Brody & I thoroughly. She tells you exactly how to train, and corrects anything you’re doing wrong – which is perfect!! For good quality training, you must be willing, and focused. The trainer can do all they can to help you be the best trainer for your companion, but you must stay focused, and on top of your game and don’t slack!  Abby has worked so well with my dog and I, and I could never imagine going to anyone else for dog training. Abby has helped me mold my dog into the most perfect little buddy out there. Thank you, Abby. You did such a wonderful job for not only my best friend, but for me too. I can’t wait to see where this off leash training goes with our adventures in the near future!

Megan Long

white goldendoodle sitting on carpet posing for picture
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Abby has had our fur baby overnight for multiple nights a couple of times. She sends photos during their stay and is flexible with drop off and pick up times. She lets them out to play and lets them hang around her home and treats them like her own!

Alanna Langla

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