Working Pup Sleepover

Build Reliable Obedience!

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Not Suitable For Dogs With Anxiety or Behavioral Issues

This program is designed for the dogs out there that need some help with their basic obedience and designed for the owners that are committed to their dog’s success and want to board and train but are not able to commit to the 2+ weeks away from their fur baby!

The purpose of this program is to build reliable obedience, (which can be the difference between life and death for some dogs), create an amazing bond between the owner and dog, and to help the owners enjoy life again with their pup! So many dogs are great at obedience, but they cannot hold a command around basic distractions. So many dogs have great obedience, but they cannot focus on the tasks at hand.

The biggest thing we will work on is getting your dog to a calmer mindset so that he/she listens better and is not reactive to all of the environmental stimulants around your home and in the real world. We look at dog training like most people look at a diet. In order for it to work, it CANNOT be temporary and MUST become a lifestyle. As far as obedience, we work on the following commands with your dog: Sit, come, down, place, heel, door manners, correcting unwanted behaviors, and building confidence with your dog so you get a better off, well mannered dog. We also help you work on your leadership skills with your dog so your dog understands who gives the commands, and how to live a healthy life with love and boundaries.

This is where we will introduce our training techniques to help your dog with 1-2 training goals (depending on the length of stay booked).


· 1 – 2-3 hour go home session

· 1 follow up session 1-2 weeks after dog comes home

· 1 check-in session 1 month after dog comes home

· Added to Graduate Group Facebook Page for continued learning with other trained AFF alumni in public!

· 1 FREE Graduate Group Sessions (Public group outings with trainer and other trained pups)

*membership available after training is complete

· Training Certificate

·Video and Picture Updates During Your Dog’s Stay

· Guarantee of Lifetime Trainer Support

· E-Collar Upgrade Available for $175

· Comes With E-Collar Guide if E-Collar is Purchased

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